10 pcs Magnetic CRV Socket Set 5/16″ X 65 mm

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A 10-piece magnetic CRV (Chrome Vanadium) Socket Set typically refers to a collection of sockets made from chrome vanadium steel, a durable and corrosion-resistant alloy known for its strength and hardness. The “magnetic” feature indicates that the sockets have magnetic properties, which can assist in holding and securing nuts or bolts during use. This can be particularly helpful in preventing the socket from slipping off the fastener. The set usually includes 10 different socket sizes, providing versatility for various applications. Such socket sets are commonly used in automotive, construction, and other mechanical tasks where a reliable and secure connection is crucial.

1. Material: 40Cr

2. Torsion: 36.2N·m

3. Heat treated & sand blasting finish

4. Magnet inside



  1. Automotive Repairs: The socket set is commonly used for automotive maintenance and repairs, such as removing and installing nuts and bolts in engine components, suspension systems, and brake assemblies.
  2. Construction Projects: In construction, these socket sets can be used for assembling and disassembling structural components, fastening nuts and bolts in various building materials, and working on machinery and equipment.
  3. Household Repairs: The socket set is handy for various household repairs, including furniture assembly, fixing appliances, and general maintenance tasks where nuts and bolts are involved.
  4. DIY Projects: Enthusiasts and DIYers find these socket sets useful for a wide range of projects, from building shelves to crafting custom furniture.
  5. Bicycle Repairs: The socket set is suitable for maintaining and repairing bicycles, including tasks like tightening bolts on the frame, adjusting components, and replacing parts.
  6. Mechanical Work: This socket set is essential for professionals and hobbyists working on mechanical projects, such as repairing small engines, motorcycles, and other machinery.
  7. Plumbing Repairs: In plumbing work, the socket set can be used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts on pipes, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures.
  8. Appliance Repairs: When fixing appliances like washing machines, dryers, or dishwashers, the socket set can help with removing and installing various fasteners.
  9. Electronics Repairs: For electronic devices and gadgets, the socket set can be used to access components secured with nuts and bolts during repair or modification.
  10. Maintenance of Outdoor Equipment: This socket set can be handy for maintaining and repairing outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers, and garden tools.


5/16″ X 65mm

Safety Precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Always wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from debris and gloves to shield your hands.
  2. Inspect Tools Before Use:
    • Before starting any work, inspect the sockets and tools for damage, cracks, or wear. Do not use damaged tools, as they can fail under pressure and cause accidents.
  3. Choose the Correct Socket Size:
    • Use the correct size socket for the fastener you are working on. Using the wrong size may damage both the socket and the fastener and could result in injury.
  4. Secure the Work Area:
    • Ensure your work area is well-lit and organized. Remove any unnecessary clutter to prevent tripping hazards. Keep the work area clean to avoid slipping on oil, grease, or other fluids.
  5. Use the Right Tool for the Job:
    • Select the appropriate socket and tool for the specific task at hand. Using the wrong tool may lead to inefficiency, damage, or accidents.
  6. Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations:
    • Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for using the socket set. This includes torque specifications and any other usage instructions provided.
  7. Apply Proper Torque:
    • Be mindful of the torque required for the fasteners you are working on. Over-tightening can damage components, while under-tightening may result in loose connections.
  8. Stabilize the Workpiece:
    • Secure the workpiece properly before applying force with the socket set. This ensures stability and reduces the risk of sudden movements that could lead to accidents.
  9. Be Mindful of Magnetic Properties:
    • While the magnetic feature can be useful for holding fasteners, be cautious not to place magnetic tools near sensitive electronic devices, as the magnetic field may cause damage.
  10. Store Tools Properly:
    • After use, store the socket set in a secure and organized manner. This prevents tools from being misplaced or damaged and ensures they are readily available when needed.
  11. Keep Hands Away from Moving Parts:
    • Avoid placing your hands or any body parts near moving parts or in areas where tools may slip. Use caution to prevent pinching or crushing injuries.
  12. Disconnect Power Sources:
    • When working on electrical components, disconnect power sources to prevent electrical shocks. Follow proper electrical safety procedures.

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