12 pcs combination spanner set

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A 12-piece combination spanners set typically refers to a collection of twelve different-sized spanners that feature both open-end and box-end configurations. Combination spanners are versatile tools commonly used in mechanical and household applications. The open end is designed to grip fasteners in tight spaces, while the box end provides a more secure grip on the flats of a nut or bolt.

The set usually includes a range of sizes to accommodate various fastener dimensions. Each spanner in the set may be marked with its specific size, typically in metric or imperial units. This versatile tool set is essential for tasks that require tightening or loosening nuts and bolts in different applications, providing flexibility and convenience for the user.

1. Chrome vanadium steel #40

2. Sand blast & chrome plated

3. Extra thick handle

4. ASME standard

5. Packed by cloth bag


combination spanner set Uses

  1. Mechanical Repairs and Maintenance:
    • Ideal for automotive repairs, such as tightening or loosening nuts and bolts on engines, brakes, and other components.
    • Useful in general machinery maintenance for tasks like servicing and repairing equipment.
  2. Construction and Building Maintenance:
    • Essential for assembling or disassembling scaffolding and construction structures.
    • Used in building maintenance for tasks like tightening nuts on plumbing fixtures or securing bolts on structural components.
  3. Household Maintenance and Repairs:
    • Handy for various tasks around the house, such as assembling furniture, fixing appliances, and repairing plumbing fixtures.
    • Useful for tasks like bicycle or lawnmower maintenance.
  4. Plumbing Work:
    • Valuable for tightening or loosening nuts on pipes and plumbing connections.
    • Useful in repair and maintenance of plumbing fixtures.
  5. Electrical Work:
    • In some cases, combination spanners may be used in electrical panel installation or maintenance, particularly for securing nuts on bolts.
  6. DIY Projects:
    • Essential for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts for a wide range of projects that involve fasteners of different sizes.
  7. Industrial Applications:
    • Used in various industrial settings for tasks related to machinery assembly, disassembly, and maintenance.
  8. Farm and Agricultural Tasks:
    • Useful for repairs and maintenance of farm equipment, such as tractors and agricultural machinery.
  9. Emergency Repairs:
    • Valuable in emergency situations for quick repairs, especially when a versatile set of spanners with various sizes is needed.
  10. Heavy Equipment Maintenance:
    • Essential for maintaining and repairing heavy machinery and equipment in industries like mining and construction.
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6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 22MM

Safety Precautions

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris or particles.
  2. Inspect Tools Before Use:
    • Check the spanners for any damage, such as cracks, bends, or worn-out edges, before using them. Damaged tools can lead to accidents.
  3. Use the Right Size:
    • Always use the correct size of spanner for the fastener you are working on. Using an improperly sized tool can damage both the tool and the fastener.
  4. Apply Proper Force:
    • Use controlled force and avoid excessive leverage. Applying too much force can lead to slips or sudden movements, causing injuries.
  5. Ensure a Secure Grip:
    • Make sure the spanner is securely and fully engaged with the fastener. A loose or partial grip can result in slipping, potentially causing injury.
  6. Stabilize the Workpiece:
    • Secure the workpiece in place, especially if it is large or heavy. This helps prevent unexpected movement that could lead to accidents.
  7. Work in Well-lit Areas:
    • Ensure proper lighting to have a clear view of the work area and reduce the risk of accidents.
  8. Beware of Pinch Points:
    • Be cautious of pinch points between the spanner and the fastener, as well as other moving parts. Keep your fingers and hands away from these areas.
  9. Use Tools as Intended:
    • Do not misuse the tools. For example, using a spanner as a hammer can damage the tool and compromise safety.
  10. Store Tools Properly:
    • When not in use, store the spanners in a designated tool storage area to prevent damage and make them easily accessible for future use.
  11. Keep a Stable Stance:
    • Stand on a stable surface with good footing to maintain balance and prevent falls.
  12. Follow Proper Technique:
    • Use the appropriate technique for the task at hand. For example, when using a box-end spanner, ensure it is fully engaged and aligned with the fastener.
  13. Keep Others Informed:
    • If working in a shared space, communicate with others to make them aware of your activities and ensure everyone’s safety.
  14. Educate Yourself:
    • Understand the proper use of each type of spanner in the set and follow any guidelines or instructions provided by the manufacturer.


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