16 pcs Mixed Drill Set – Metric (6pieces)

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A 16 PCS Mixed Drill Set – Metric typically refers to a collection of 16 individual pieces of drill bits designed for use with a drill or other rotary tool. The term “mixed” suggests that the set includes a variety of drill bit types or sizes. In this case, “Metric” indicates that the drill bits are measured using the metric system, which is common for tools and hardware in many countries.

The set may include a combination of different drill bit types, such as twist drills, masonry drills, or wood drills, and various sizes measured in millimeters. Such sets are versatile and suitable for a range of drilling applications in materials like metal, wood, or masonry, depending on the specific bits included in the set.


1. HSS4241 Drill Bits: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
2. Tungsten Carbidetips Masonry
Drill Bits: 4,5,6,8,10mm
3. Carbon Steel Brad Point Drill
Bits: 4,5,6,8,10mm
4. Packed by plastic box



  1. General Drilling Tasks: The set can be used for everyday drilling tasks in materials like wood, plastic, and metal.
  2. Woodworking: Different drill bits in the set may be suitable for various woodworking applications, such as creating pilot holes for screws, doweling, or drilling holes for various woodworking joints.
  3. Metalworking: The set may include drill bits specifically designed for metal, allowing users to drill holes in metal sheets, pipes, or other metallic objects.
  4. Masonry Work: If the set includes masonry drill bits, they can be used for drilling into materials like concrete, brick, or stone, making it versatile for construction and renovation projects.
  5. DIY Projects: Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts can use the drill set for a variety of projects, from building furniture to crafting.
  6. Installation Tasks: The set is handy for installing hardware, such as hinges, brackets, and other fixtures, where drilling precise holes is crucial.
  7. Maintenance and Repairs: Whether it’s fixing household items, appliances, or performing maintenance tasks, having a variety of drill bits can be helpful.
  8. Automotive Repairs: Some drill bits in the set may be suitable for working on automotive projects, such as drilling holes for bolts or removing rivets.
  9. Plumbing: In certain cases, the drill set might be useful for plumbing tasks, such as installing pipes or drilling holes for plumbing fixtures.
  10. DIY Craft Projects: Artists and crafters can use the drill set for various creative projects involving materials like acrylic, plastic, or other craft materials.


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2-10 MM

Safety measures and precautions

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris.
    • Use hearing protection if the noise level from the drill is significant.
    • Wear appropriate clothing, including long sleeves and pants, to protect your skin.
  2. Read the Manual:
    • Familiarize yourself with the user manual of the drill set. It provides essential information about the tool’s operation, maintenance, and safety guidelines.
  3. Secure Workpiece:
    • Secure the workpiece firmly using clamps or a vise to prevent it from moving during drilling. This ensures precision and reduces the risk of accidents.
  4. Select the Right Drill Bit:
    • Choose the appropriate drill bit for the material you are working with. Using the wrong bit can lead to inefficient drilling and may pose safety risks.
  5. Drilling Speed:
    • Adjust the drilling speed according to the material. High speeds may generate excessive heat, while low speeds may cause the drill to bind. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal speeds.
  6. Depth Control:
    • Set the drilling depth to avoid drilling too deep. Many drills have depth stop settings to help control the depth of the hole.
  7. Stable Stance:
    • Stand in a stable and balanced position while operating the drill. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart to maintain balance and prevent tripping.
  8. Two-Handed Operation:
    • When possible, use both hands to operate the drill. This provides better control and stability.
  9. Switch Off When Not in Use:
    • Turn off the drill and unplug it when changing drill bits or adjusting settings. This prevents accidental starts.
  10. Inspect the Drill:
    • Regularly inspect the drill, cord, and plug for any damage. Do not use the tool if you find any defects, and have it repaired by a qualified professional.
  11. Work in a Well-Lit Area:
    • Ensure proper lighting in your work area to enhance visibility and reduce the risk of errors.
  12. Keep Work Area Clean:
    • Remove debris and clutter from your work area to prevent tripping hazards and maintain a clean, organized workspace.
  13. Emergency Preparedness:
    • Know the location of emergency exits and first aid kits. Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures in case of an accident.
  14. Proper Storage:

Store the drill and drill bits in a secure and dry place when not in use. This prevents damage and ensures that the tools are ready for safe use


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