5 pcs Jig-Saw Blade Set Teeth Milled

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A 5 PCS Jig Saw Blade Set with teeth milled refers to a collection of five jig saw blades designed for use with a jig saw or saber saw. The term “teeth milled” indicates that the cutting edges of the blades have been precisely machined or milled to provide sharp and consistent teeth for efficient and accurate cutting. Jig saw blades are commonly used for making intricate and curved cuts in various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and other similar substances. The set typically includes blades with different tooth configurations to suit various cutting applications and materials.


1. Material: 65Mn,6tpi
2. Heat treatment hardness: HRC50 ~ 55
3. T-shank design
4. For cutting wood or metal.
5. Packed by paper card.



  1. Curved Cuts:
    • Jig saws are excellent for making curved cuts in materials like wood, plywood, plastic, or thin metal sheets. The teeth on the blades allow for maneuvering around tight corners and intricate shapes.
  2. Precision Cuts:
    • The milled teeth provide sharp and precise cutting edges, making these blades suitable for detailed and precision work. This is particularly useful for tasks such as crafting, carpentry, and woodworking.
  3. Scrollwork:
    • Jig saws are commonly used for creating intricate scrollwork and decorative patterns in woodworking projects. The ability to make intricate cuts makes them ideal for artistic or decorative applications.
  4. Plunge Cuts:
    • The jig saw allows for plunge cutting, where the blade can be inserted directly into the material to start a cut from the middle rather than from an edge. This is useful for creating openings or interior cuts.
  5. Material Versatility:
    • With the appropriate blade selection, these sets can cut through various materials, including wood, metal, plastic, laminate, and composite materials. Different blades in the set may be optimized for specific materials and thicknesses.
  6. Home Improvement:
    • Jig saws are commonly used in home improvement projects for tasks like cutting out openings for electrical outlets, installing sink cutouts in countertops, or making adjustments to fit materials into specific spaces.
  7. Repair and Renovation:
    • The versatility of a jig saw makes it valuable for repair and renovation work, allowing for the efficient removal of damaged sections and the installation of replacement materials.
  8. DIY Projects:
    • Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts often use jig saws for a wide range of projects, from building furniture to creating custom home decor items. The milled teeth contribute to the precision needed for such projects.
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Safety measures and precautions

  1. Read the Manual:
    • Always read and understand the manufacturer’s manual that comes with the jig saw. Familiarize yourself with the tool’s features, recommended usage, and safety guidelines.
  2. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Use appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from debris, and ear protection as jig saws can be loud.
  3. Secure the Workpiece:
    • Ensure that the material you are cutting is securely clamped or otherwise stabilized. This prevents the material from moving unexpectedly, reducing the risk of kickbacks or loss of control.
  4. Check Blade Compatibility:
    • Ensure that the selected blade is appropriate for the material you are cutting. Different blades are designed for different materials, and using the right blade helps ensure safer and more efficient cutting.
  5. Disconnect Power:
    • Before changing blades or making any adjustments, disconnect the power source to the jig saw. This prevents accidental starts and ensures your safety while handling the tool.
  6. Inspect the Blades:
    • Before each use, inspect the blades for any signs of damage, dullness, or wear. Replace blades that are damaged or worn out to maintain cutting efficiency and prevent accidents.
  7. Maintain a Firm Grip:
    • Hold the jig saw with a firm grip using both hands. Maintain control over the tool, and be aware of your hand placement to avoid accidental contact with the blade.
  8. Keep Hands Clear:
    • Keep your hands and fingers clear of the blade path. Do not attempt to remove debris or adjust the workpiece while the blade is in motion. Wait for the blade to come to a complete stop.
  9. Use a Proper Cutting Speed:
    • Allow the jig saw to cut at its own pace. Applying excessive force or trying to cut too quickly can lead to kickbacks or loss of control.
  10. Mind the Power Cord:
    • Keep the power cord away from the cutting path to avoid accidental cuts and entanglement. Ensure that the cord is not obstructing your movement.
  11. Work in a Well-lit Area:
    • Adequate lighting is crucial for safe and accurate cutting. Make sure the work area is well-lit, allowing you to see the cutting line clearly.
  12. Follow a Marked Line:
    • Mark the cutting line on the material before starting the cut. Follow the marked line to ensure accuracy and prevent unintended deviations.
  13. Unplug when Not in Use:
    • When the jig saw is not in use, unplug it to prevent accidental starts. This is especially important when changing blades or making adjustments.


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