5 pcs Screw Extractor Set

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A 5-piece screw extractor set typically refers to a kit of specialized tools designed for removing stripped, damaged, or stubborn screws from various surfaces. These sets typically include five different extractors, each with a specific size or design to match different screw types. The primary purpose of a screw extractor set is to provide a solution for extracting screws that cannot be easily removed with conventional screwdrivers or tools.

The set usually includes spiral-fluted extractors that are designed to grip into the damaged screw’s recess and turn it counterclockwise, facilitating its removal. This type of tool is particularly useful for dealing with screws that have damaged or stripped heads, making it difficult to use traditional methods for extraction.

In summary, a 5-piece screw extractor set is a collection of tools intended for efficiently and effectively removing challenging screws, providing a versatile solution for various screw extraction scenarios.


1. Made from carbon steel #45
2. Precisely machined
3. Heat treated and black finish
4. Packed by plastic box



  1. Removing Stripped or Damaged Screws:
    • The primary purpose of a screw extractor set is to remove screws with stripped or damaged heads. This can happen due to wear, rust, or overtightening.
  2. Repairing Appliances and Electronics:
    • When working with appliances or electronic devices, screws may become damaged over time. A screw extractor set allows for the removal of these damaged screws without causing further harm to the surrounding components.
  3. Fixing Automotive Issues:
    • Automobiles often have screws and bolts that may become corroded or stripped. A screw extractor set is handy for extracting these fasteners during maintenance or repair work on cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles.
  4. Woodworking Projects:
    • In woodworking, screws can get stuck or break off in wood. A screw extractor set is useful for removing broken or stubborn screws without damaging the wood material.
  5. Home Improvement and DIY Projects:
    • For general home repairs and DIY projects, a screw extractor set can be essential when dealing with screws that are difficult to remove, such as those in furniture, cabinets, or walls.
  6. Restoring Antique or Vintage Items:
    • When working with older items, screws may be corroded or damaged. A screw extractor set is valuable for preserving the integrity of antique or vintage pieces during restoration.
  7. Plumbing Repairs:
    • In plumbing, screws and bolts can become corroded or stuck. A screw extractor set can be useful for extracting these fasteners without damaging pipes or other plumbing components.
  8. Construction and Renovation Projects:
    • In construction or renovation work, screws may be subjected to various conditions that could lead to difficulty in removal. A screw extractor set ensures the efficient extraction of these fasteners.
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Safety measures and precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris or metal particles. Depending on the task, wearing gloves may also be advisable.
  2. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions:
    • Read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the screw extractor set. Different sets may have specific usage guidelines and safety precautions.
  3. Inspect Tools Before Use:
    • Before using the screw extractor set, inspect each tool to ensure they are in good condition. Check for any signs of damage or wear, and do not use damaged tools.
  4. Secure Workpiece:
    • Secure the workpiece properly before attempting to extract a screw. If possible, clamp the workpiece in place to prevent it from moving during the extraction process.
  5. Select the Right Size:
    • Use the correct size extractor for the screw you are attempting to remove. Using the wrong size can lead to inefficiency and potential damage to both the tool and the screw.
  6. Apply Lubrication:
    • When dealing with stubborn or rusted screws, applying a penetrating oil or lubricant before using the extractor can make the extraction process smoother and reduce the risk of breaking the screw or the extractor.
  7. Work in a Well-Lit Area:
    • Ensure that your work area is well-lit to clearly see what you are doing. Good visibility helps prevent accidental slips or mistakes during the extraction process.
  8. Apply Controlled Force:
    • Apply controlled and steady force when using the screw extractor. Avoid excessive force, as it may lead to the extractor slipping or breaking, potentially causing injury.
  9. Use Two Hands:
    • Whenever possible, use both hands to operate the screw extractor. This provides better control and reduces the risk of the tool slipping or causing unexpected movements.
  10. Be Mindful of Surroundings:
    • Be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are working in a busy or shared space. Communicate with others to avoid distractions or collisions.
  11. Properly Dispose of Broken Screws:
    • Dispose of broken or extracted screws properly to avoid injuries from sharp edges. Place them in a designated container or dispose of them following appropriate waste disposal guidelines.


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