Bench Grinder 350W

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A bench grinder is a power tool that typically consists of two rotating abrasive wheels mounted on a spindle. The wheels can perform various tasks, such as sharpening, shaping, grinding, and polishing metal or other materials. The 350W in “Bench Grinder 350W” refers to the power of the grinder, with 350 watts being the electrical power consumption or output of the motor. This type of bench grinder is suitable for light to moderate-duty tasks, making it a versatile tool for home workshops, DIY projects, and small-scale metalworking applications.

1. 220V/50-60Hz (Dual frequency)
2. Input power: 350w.
3. NO-load Speed: 50Hz,2950
r/min&60Hz, 3450 r/min
4. Grinding wheel size: 150×20×12.7mm
5. Weight: 7.5 kg.
6. Wire length: 1.5m, two round pin plug
7. CE Certified
8. Packed by brown box



  1. Sharpening Tools:
    • Bench grinders are commonly used for sharpening a variety of cutting tools, including chisels, knives, scissors, and drill bits.
  2. Grinding Metal:
    • It is effective for grinding and shaping metal surfaces, removing burrs, and smoothing welds. This makes it useful for tasks such as preparing metal pieces for fabrication or repair.
  3. Debarring:
    • Bench grinders are excellent for removing burrs or sharp edges from metal parts, providing a smoother and safer finish.
  4. Polishing:
    • With the right attachments or wheels, a bench grinder can be used for polishing metal surfaces, restoring shine, and removing oxidation.
  5. Rust Removal:
    • The abrasive wheels on a bench grinder are effective at removing rust and corrosion from metal surfaces, helping to restore them to a clean and usable condition.
  6. Tool Rest Modification:
    • Users often modify the tool rest on a bench grinder to create custom angles for sharpening and grinding specific tools.
  7. Honing Blades:
    • In addition to sharpening, a bench grinder can be used for honing the edges of blades to improve their cutting performance.
  8. Light Material Removal:
    • It’s suitable for light material removal tasks, such as shaping small metal pieces or preparing surfaces for welding.
  9. DIY and Home Improvement:
    • Bench grinders are commonly used in home workshops for a variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) and home improvement projects.
  10. Grinding Non-Metallic Materials:
    • Depending on the type of wheels used, bench grinders can also be employed for grinding and shaping non-metallic materials like plastic or wood.
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6″/350 W

Safety Precautions

  1. Read the Manual:
    • Always read and understand the manufacturer’s manual before using the bench grinder. This will provide specific safety information and operational guidelines.
  2. Protective Gear:
    • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses or a face shield to protect your eyes from flying debris, and hearing protection since bench grinders can be noisy.
  3. Clothing:
    • Avoid loose clothing and jewelry that could get caught in the grinder. Wear long sleeves to protect your arms.
  4. Gloves:
    • While gloves can protect your hands, they can also become entangled in the grinder. Consider using well-fitting, non-slip gloves that won’t compromise your dexterity.
  5. Stable Work Surface:
    • Ensure that the bench grinder is securely mounted on a stable work surface. The grinder should not wobble or vibrate excessively during operation.
  6. Adjust Tool Rests:
    • Adjust the tool rests to the proper angle and distance from the grinding wheel. This helps to maintain control over the workpiece and reduces the risk of accidents.
  7. Inspect Wheels:
    • Regularly inspect the grinding wheels for any damage or cracks. Replace worn or damaged wheels immediately. Check for proper mounting and ensure they are securely tightened.
  8. Guard in Place:
    • Make sure that the adjustable eye shields and spark deflectors are in place and properly adjusted to protect your face and body from sparks and debris.
  9. Start Slowly:
    • Start the grinder at a low speed before bringing it up to the desired operating speed. This helps to prevent sudden jerks and provides better control.
  10. Secure Workpiece:
    • Hold the workpiece securely in place, using proper clamps or a vise. Never hold the workpiece by hand while grinding.
  11. Use the Right Wheel:
    • Ensure that you are using the appropriate grinding wheel for the task at hand. Different wheels are designed for different materials and applications.
  12. Cooling:
    • Avoid excessive pressure on the grinder, as it can lead to overheating. Let the grinder cool down if it becomes too hot during prolonged use.
  13. No Distractions:
    • Focus on the task at hand. Avoid distractions and maintain full attention while using the bench grinder.
  14. Turn Off and Unplug:
    • Always turn off the grinder and unplug it when changing wheels, adjusting tool rests, or when not in use.

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