Chain Hoist 3T x 3M

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A chain hoist is a mechanical device designed for lifting and lowering heavy loads by means of a chain. It typically consists of a system of gears, pulleys, and a chain loop that is operated manually or with a power source. Chain hoists are commonly used in various industrial and construction settings to facilitate the movement of materials and equipment in a controlled and efficient manner. They provide a mechanical advantage, allowing users to lift loads that would be impractical or impossible to lift manually.

1. Chain length: 3m
2. GS, CE standard
3. Packed by master carton.

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Chain Hoist Uses

  1. Construction Industry:
    • Lifting and positioning heavy construction materials, such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and scaffolding.
    • Hoisting equipment and tools to different levels of construction sites.
  2. Manufacturing Plants:
    • Lifting and transporting heavy machinery and components during the manufacturing process.
    • Assisting in assembly lines for the efficient handling of parts and products.
  3. Warehousing and Logistics:
    • Loading and unloading heavy pallets and goods from trucks and shipping containers.
    • Positioning and stacking items in warehouses with precision.
  4. Maintenance and Repair:
    • Hoisting and supporting machinery or equipment for maintenance and repair work.
    • Assisting in the installation or removal of large industrial components.
  5. Automotive Industry:
    • Lifting and positioning vehicle engines, chassis, and other heavy components.
    • Aiding in the installation and removal of automotive parts during manufacturing and repair.
  6. Entertainment Industry:
    • Rigging and lifting stage equipment, lighting fixtures, and scenery in theaters and concert venues.
    • Supporting audio-visual equipment during events and performances.
  7. Mining Operations:
    • Handling and moving heavy materials and equipment in mining operations.
    • Hoisting and transporting extracted minerals and ores.
  8. Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry:
    • Lifting and positioning ship components during construction and repair.
    • Assisting in the loading and unloading of cargo onto ships.
  9. Agricultural Applications:
    • Lifting and moving heavy agricultural machinery and equipment.
    • Hoisting and transporting large bags of agricultural products.
  10. Utilities and Power Plants:
    • Handling heavy equipment and materials in power plants and utility facilities.
    • Assisting in the installation and maintenance of power generation components.
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1T X 3 M, 2T X 3 M, 3T X 3 M, 5T X 3 M


Safety measures and precautions

  1. Inspection and Maintenance:
    • Regularly inspect the chain hoist for any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction.
    • Ensure that all components, including chains, hooks, and gears, are in good condition.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.
  2. Training and Qualification:
    • Only allow trained and qualified personnel to operate the chain hoist.
    • Provide thorough training on the proper use, inspection, and maintenance of the equipment.
  3. Weight Capacity:
    • Never exceed the rated weight capacity of the chain hoist. Check the load rating before lifting any load.
    • Be aware of the weight distribution and center of gravity of the load.
  4. Use Appropriate Equipment:
    • Ensure that the chain hoist is suitable for the specific application and environment.
    • Use the correct size and type of chains, slings, and hooks for the load.
  5. Secure Attachments:
    • Double-check that the load is securely attached to the hoist hook or other lifting attachment points.
    • Ensure that the load is properly balanced and will not shift during lifting.
  6. Clear Communication:
    • Establish clear communication between the hoist operator and other workers involved in the lifting operation.
    • Use hand signals or radios to communicate effectively.
  7. Environmental Considerations:
    • Be aware of the environmental conditions, such as wind, rain, or slippery surfaces, that may affect the lifting operation.
    • Take necessary precautions in adverse weather conditions.
  8. Proper Lifting Technique:
    • Lift and lower loads smoothly and steadily, avoiding sudden movements.
    • Do not jerk the load or make abrupt stops, as this can cause stress on the hoist and the load.
  9. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Wear appropriate PPE, including gloves and safety glasses, to protect against potential hazards.
    • Use hard hats and other necessary protective gear as required by the workplace.
  10. Emergency Procedures:
    • Establish emergency procedures and ensure that all personnel are familiar with them.
    • Have rescue and first aid equipment readily available.
  11. Clear Work Area:
    • Keep the work area clear of unnecessary personnel and obstacles.
    • Clearly mark the area around the hoisting operation to prevent unauthorized access.


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