Combination Spanner 12mm(12pcs)

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A combination spanner, also known as a combination wrench, is a hand tool used for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts. It typically features an open-end wrench on one side and a box-end wrench on the other. The open-end has U-shaped jaws that grip the fastener from the sides, while the box-end has a closed loop that provides a more secure grip on the fastener’s sides, reducing the risk of slipping. This dual design makes combination spanners versatile and suitable for various applications in automotive, construction, and other mechanical tasks

1. Chrome vanadium steel #40

2. Sand blast & chrome plated

3. Extra thick handle


Combination Spanner Uses 

  1. Mechanical and Automotive Work:
    • Tightening or loosening nuts and bolts in engines, transmissions, and other automotive components.
    • Maintenance and repair work on bicycles, motorcycles, and other mechanical systems.
  2. Construction and Building Maintenance:
    • Assembling or disassembling scaffolding.
    • Tightening or loosening nuts and bolts in construction projects.
  3. Plumbing:
    • Installing or repairing pipes and fittings.
    • Tightening or loosening nuts on plumbing fixtures.
  4. Household Repairs:
    • Assembling or repairing furniture that uses nuts and bolts.
    • General household maintenance tasks.
  5. Appliance Repairs:
    • Repairing or maintaining household appliances that may have nuts and bolts.
  6. Electrical Work:
    • Some electrical components may have nuts that need tightening or loosening.
  7. Industrial Maintenance:
    • Routine maintenance and repair work in various industrial settings.
  8. Agriculture:
    • Repairing or maintaining farm equipment and machinery.
  9. DIY Projects:
    • Various do-it-yourself projects that involve assembling or disassembling components.
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