Cordless Brushless Impact Drill -13MM

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Cordless brushless impact drill 13MM

A cordless brushless impact drill with a 13mm chuck is a versatile power tool designed for drilling and driving tasks in various materials. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  1. Cordless: This means the drill operates on rechargeable batteries, providing the user with mobility and flexibility to work in locations without access to a power outlet. Cordless tools are popular for their convenience and ease of use.
  2. Brushless Motor: The presence of a brushless motor is a significant advantage. Unlike traditional brushed motors, brushless motors are more efficient, produce less heat, and require less maintenance. They also tend to have a longer lifespan.
  3. Impact Drill Function: This feature allows the drill to deliver quick bursts of force in addition to its rotational motion. This is particularly useful for tasks like driving screws into tough materials or drilling through masonry.
  4. 13mm Chuck: The 13mm chuck refers to the maximum diameter of the drill bit or accessory that the tool can accommodate. A 13mm chuck size is suitable for a wide range of drilling and fastening applications, providing versatility for different tasks.

1pc 30cm flexible shaft
2 pcs 2.0Ah
No load speed:0-500/0-1800r/min
Impact rate: 0-28800bpm Max Torque: 60N.M
Torque Settings:20+1+1+1
Chuck Capacity: 13mm
LED Working Light
1pc side handle 1pc belt clip

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Cordless Brushless Impact Drill uses

  1. Drilling Holes:
    • Woodworking: The drill can be used for drilling holes in wood for various purposes, such as creating pilot holes for screws or making openings for dowels.
    • Metalworking: It is capable of drilling through metal surfaces, making it useful for tasks like installing brackets or assembling metal structures.
    • Masonry: The impact function allows for drilling into tough materials like brick, concrete, or stone, making it suitable for tasks such as installing anchors or drilling into masonry walls.
  2. Driving Screws:
    • The impact function is particularly beneficial for driving screws into hard materials without the need for excessive manual force. This is especially useful for tasks like assembling furniture or framing.
  3. Fastening and Bolting:
    • The drill can be used for fastening nuts and bolts, making it a handy tool for tasks like assembling furniture, installing hardware, or working on automotive repairs.
  4. Home Improvement Projects:
    • For general DIY projects around the house, such as hanging shelves, installing curtain rods, or building small structures, the cordless brushless impact drill can be a valuable tool.
  5. Renovations and Remodeling:
    • During renovations, the drill can be used for a variety of tasks, including drilling into walls for electrical work, installing cabinets, or assembling and disassembling structures.
  6. Cabinet Installation:
    • The precision of the drill, coupled with its ability to handle various materials, makes it well-suited for cabinet installation tasks, including drilling pilot holes and securing cabinets in place.
  7. Outdoor Projects:
    • The cordless feature is particularly advantageous for outdoor projects where access to power outlets may be limited. This can include tasks like building a deck, installing fencing, or assembling outdoor furniture.
  8. Light Construction Work:
    • For light construction tasks, such as building small structures or framing, the impact drill can be a valuable tool for both drilling and fastening applications.
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2 pcs 2.0Ah
batteries Maximum
Hard Torque of 60

Safety measures and precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Safety Glasses: Protect your eyes from flying debris or particles.
    • Hearing Protection: If using power tools in conjunction with the chisel, wear ear protection to reduce noise exposure.
    • Gloves: Wear sturdy work gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges and vibration.
  2. Use the Right Tool for the Job:
    • Ensure you are using the appropriate type and size of concrete chisel for the task at hand.
    • Use a chisel with a handle designed for hand protection and to absorb some of the impact.
  3. Inspect Tools Before Use:
    • Check the condition of the concrete chisel before starting work. Ensure it is not damaged, cracked, or excessively worn.
    • Make sure the handle is securely attached to the chisel head.
  4. Secure Work Area:
    • Keep the work area clean and well-lit.
    • Secure the material you are working on to prevent unexpected movement or slipping.
  5. Proper Body Positioning:
    • Stand in a stable and balanced position.
    • Keep your body weight centered over your feet to maintain balance.
    • Avoid overreaching or standing on unstable surfaces.
  6. Use Proper Striking Techniques:
    • Hold the chisel with both hands for better control.
    • Use a controlled and steady striking motion. Avoid excessive force, as it may lead to loss of control.
    • Keep your hands and body clear of the striking path.
  7. Protective Measures for Dust:
    • If cutting or breaking concrete generates dust, use a dust mask or respirator to protect against inhalation.
    • Work in a well-ventilated area or use dust extraction equipment to minimize dust exposure.
  8. Keep Tools Sharp:
    • A sharp chisel is more effective and safer to use than a dull one. Regularly sharpen the chisel as needed.

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