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A cordless rotary hammer is a versatile power tool designed for drilling into hard materials such as concrete, masonry, or stone. It combines the functions of a regular drill with a hammering action, allowing for more efficient and faster drilling in tough surfaces. The cordless feature means it operates using rechargeable batteries, providing greater mobility and flexibility on job sites without the constraints of a power cord. This tool is commonly used in construction, renovation, and other applications where high-powered drilling in challenging materials is required.

20V Cordless SDS Rotary hammer
No load speed: 0-1100rpm
Max percussion rate: 0-4800Bpm
Impact power:2.2J
2 Functions: Rotary Hammer/Drilling
4825# Brushless motor


Cordless Rotary Hammer uses

  1. Concrete Drilling:
    • Cordless rotary hammers are particularly effective for drilling into concrete and masonry. They can handle tasks such as creating holes for anchors, installing concrete screws, or making openings for pipes and wires.
  2. Masonry Work:
    • These tools are commonly used in masonry applications, including brick and block drilling. They are essential for tasks like installing wall anchors, dowels, or fasteners in masonry structures.
  3. Demolition:
    • Cordless rotary hammers can be used for light demolition work. The hammering action helps break and chip away at concrete or masonry surfaces, making them useful for removing tiles, breaking up small sections of concrete, or chiseling away unwanted material.
  4. Tile Removal:
    • Removing tiles from walls or floors often requires breaking the adhesive bond between the tiles and the surface. Cordless rotary hammers with chiseling functions can make this process more efficient.
  5. Drilling in Tight Spaces:
    • The cordless feature of these tools makes them well-suited for drilling in tight or remote spaces where access to electrical outlets may be limited or impractical.
  6. Renovation and Construction:
    • Cordless rotary hammers are commonly used in construction and renovation projects for various tasks, including drilling holes for plumbing and electrical installations, creating openings for windows and doors, and other general construction applications.
  7. Landscaping:
    • In landscaping projects, cordless rotary hammers can be used for tasks such as installing landscape anchors, drilling holes for fence posts, or creating holes for planting trees and shrubs in hard soil.
  8. DIY Projects:
    • Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts find cordless rotary hammers useful for various tasks around the house, such as installing shelves, curtain rods, or other fixtures in concrete or masonry walls.
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1 x 4.0 Ah Battery &
1 x Fast Big Charger

Safety Precautions

  1. Read the User Manual:
    • Always read and understand the user manual provided by the manufacturer. Familiarize yourself with the tool’s specifications, recommended operating procedures, and safety guidelines.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from dust and debris, hearing protection due to the noise generated by the tool, and gloves to protect your hands.
  3. Dust Control:
    • Use a dust extraction system or wear a dust mask to protect yourself from inhaling airborne particles generated during drilling, especially when working with materials like concrete or masonry.
  4. Secure Work Area:
    • Ensure a clean and well-lit work area. Keep the workspace organized and free of obstacles to prevent trips and falls. Secure the workpiece properly to avoid unexpected movement.
  5. Inspect the Tool:
    • Before each use, inspect the cordless rotary hammer for any damage or defects. Check the condition of the drill bits and accessories. Do not use a tool that is damaged or malfunctioning.
  6. Battery Safety:
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and handling batteries. Use only the recommended batteries and chargers. Replace damaged batteries promptly, and do not tamper with them.
  7. Secure Grip:
    • Maintain a firm and secure grip on the cordless rotary hammer, especially during operation. Ensure that your hands are dry to prevent slipping.
  8. Proper Body Position:
    • Stand in a stable position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Distribute your body weight evenly and brace yourself to resist the tool’s torque. Avoid overreaching, and keep a balanced stance.
  9. Use the Right Drill Bit:
    • Select the appropriate drill bit for the material you are working on. Using the wrong bit can lead to inefficient drilling, excessive wear on the tool, and increased safety risks.
  10. Controlled Operation:
    • Maintain control of the cordless rotary hammer at all times. Do not force the tool; allow it to operate at its own pace. Keep a steady and controlled movement while drilling.

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