Cross Rim Wrench 16MM shaft(12pcs)

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A Cross Rim Wrench shaft refers to the central elongated handle or bar of a cross rim wrench, commonly used for loosening or tightening lug nuts on vehicle wheels. The shaft typically features a cross-shaped or X-shaped configuration, with four arms extending outward from the central point. Each arm is equipped with a socket or a lug nut wrench on its end, allowing the user to engage with the lug nuts on the wheel for efficient and effective tire maintenance. The cross rim wrench shaft provides leverage and ease of use when applying force to rotate the lug nuts, facilitating the removal or installation of wheels on automobiles.

1. Made from carbon steel
2. With heat treatment
3. Zinc-plated
4. SHAFT 16 Mm



  1. Changing Tires:
    • The primary use of a cross rim wrench shaft is for changing tires on vehicles. It allows users to quickly and efficiently loosen and tighten lug nuts during the process of removing or installing tires.
  2. Roadside Emergencies:
    • Cross rim wrenches are often included in vehicle emergency kits. In case of a flat tire or other wheel-related issues on the road, the cross rim wrench shaft can be used to address the problem and get the vehicle back on the road.
  3. Routine Tire Maintenance:
    • Regular maintenance tasks such as tire rotations or brake inspections may require the removal and reinstallation of wheels. The cross rim wrench shaft provides the necessary leverage to handle lug nuts effectively during these maintenance procedures.
  4. DIY Repairs:
    • For individuals performing their own automotive repairs or maintenance, a cross rim wrench shaft is a valuable tool for tasks that involve removing and reinstalling wheels, such as brake pad replacement, suspension work, or other repairs.
  5. Garage or Workshop Use:
    • Mechanics and automotive professionals use cross rim wrenches in garages and workshops for routine maintenance and repairs. The cross rim wrench shaft makes it easier to work on wheels efficiently.
  6. Versatile Lug Nut Sizes:
    • Cross rim wrenches often come with multiple socket sizes, accommodating various lug nut sizes commonly found on different vehicles. This versatility makes the tool suitable for a range of automotive applications.
  7. Accessibility in Compact Spaces:
    • The design of the cross rim wrench shaft allows for easier access to lug nuts, even in tight or confined spaces around the wheel, making it a practical tool for various vehicle types.
  8. Emergency Tool for Non-Automotive Uses:
    • In emergency situations, a cross rim wrench shaft can also be used as a makeshift lever or tool for tasks unrelated to automotive maintenance.


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17 X 19 X 21 X 23

Safety Precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Use appropriate PPE such as gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes from dirt, debris, and potential hazards.
  2. Park on a Flat Surface:
    • Ensure that the vehicle is parked on a flat and stable surface before attempting to use the cross rim wrench. This helps prevent the vehicle from rolling while you’re working on the wheels.
  3. Engage Parking Brake:
    • Activate the parking brake to secure the vehicle in place and prevent any unintentional movement.
  4. Chock the Wheels:
    • Place wheel chocks or blocks in front of and behind the wheels opposite to the one you are working on. This provides an extra layer of safety to prevent the vehicle from rolling.
  5. Choose the Right Size Socket:
    • Select the correct size socket that fits the lug nuts snugly to avoid damaging them. Using the wrong size may result in slippage and potential injuries.
  6. Inspect the Cross Rim Wrench:
    • Before use, inspect the cross rim wrench for any damage, such as bent arms or a cracked shaft. A damaged tool may fail under pressure, leading to accidents.
  7. Apply Lubrication if Necessary:
    • If the cross rim wrench has been unused for a while or shows signs of stiffness, apply lubrication to ensure smooth operation and reduce the risk of sudden jerks or slips.


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