Cymbol Type Flap Disc 9000RPM

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  1. Grinding and Smoothing: Flap discs are commonly used for grinding down welds, removing excess material, and smoothing surfaces on metalwork.
  2. Deburring: The abrasive flaps on these discs are effective at removing burrs from metal edges, creating a smoother and safer surface.
  3. Surface Blending: Flap discs are useful for blending surfaces, especially in applications where a consistent finish is required.
  4. Edge Chamfering: The disc’s design allows for effective chamfering or beveling of edges on metal workpieces.
  5. Paint and Rust Removal: Flap discs can be used to remove paint, rust, and other coatings from metal surfaces.
  6. Finishing: They are valuable for achieving a fine finish on metal surfaces, providing a polished or brushed appearance.
  7. Weld Seam Cleaning: Flap discs are effective in cleaning and preparing weld seams for further processing or finishing.
  8. Material Shaping: These discs are used for shaping and contouring metal surfaces, providing precision in material removal.
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