Demolition Hammer 85 Joules- 1700W – 23 KGS

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A demolition hammer with specifications “85 Joules – 1700W – 23 KGS” can be defined as a powerful and heavy-duty tool designed for breaking, chipping, and demolishing various materials, such as concrete, masonry, or rock.

  • 85 Joules: This indicates the impact energy the hammer can deliver with each blow. Joules are a unit of energy, and a higher value suggests greater force, allowing the tool to break through tough materials effectively.
  • 1700W: This represents the power of the demolition hammer in watts. A higher wattage generally correlates with a more powerful and efficient tool, enabling it to handle demanding demolition tasks.
  • 23 KGS: This refers to the weight of the demolition hammer in kilograms. A weight of 23 kilograms indicates that the tool is relatively heavy, providing stability and impact force during operation. However, it also implies that the tool may require additional effort to handle, so proper safety measures and operator strength are essential.

Rated Input Power:1700W
Max Impact Rates:1900bpm
Impact Joules:85J
Connection Type:SDS-HEX
CE certificate
1 pc auxiliary handle
1 pair carbon brushes
1 pc side handle
3 m rubber H07RN-F
2×1.5mm²VDE cord+BS Adapter
1 pc point chisel(30x410mm)



  1. Concrete Demolition: The high impact energy (85 Joules) and power (1700W) make this demolition hammer well-suited for breaking and demolishing concrete structures, such as walls, floors, and foundations.
  2. Masonry Removal: It can efficiently chip away and break down masonry materials, including bricks, tiles, and stone. The tool’s robust construction and high weight contribute to its effectiveness in handling tough masonry.
  3. Asphalt Breakup: Demolition hammers are often used in road construction and repair to break up asphalt surfaces. The high impact force helps in quickly and effectively removing old asphalt.
  4. Tile and Flooring Removal: For renovation or remodeling projects, this type of demolition hammer can be used to remove ceramic tiles, flooring materials, and thinset mortar with ease.
  5. Rock Excavation: In certain construction and excavation projects, where rocks need to be broken or removed, a demolition hammer of this caliber can be a valuable tool.
  6. Foundation Work: Breaking and removing old concrete foundations, especially in construction or renovation projects, can be efficiently handled by a demolition hammer with high impact energy.
  7. General Demolition Tasks: Whether it’s dismantling small structures, breaking down walls, or removing stubborn materials, this powerful tool is well-equipped to handle a wide range of general demolition tasks.
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85 Joules – 1700W – 23 KGS

Safety Precautions

  1. Stability and Strength:
    • Ensure that the work surface and surrounding structures are sturdy enough to handle the force generated by the powerful Demolition Hammer.
  2. Secure Power Supply:
    • Confirm that the power supply can handle the tool’s power requirements. Use a circuit with sufficient amperage, and avoid using long extension cords, as they can cause a drop in voltage.
  3. Controlled Environment:
    • Use the Demolition Hammer in a controlled environment, especially if working indoors. Ensure that the structure can withstand the vibrations generated by the tool.
  4. Vibration Damping:
    • Consider using vibration-damping techniques, such as anti-vibration gloves, to reduce the impact of tool vibrations on your hands and arms.
  5. Noise Protection:
    • Given the increased power, the noise level may also be higher. Use adequate hearing protection to prevent hearing damage during prolonged use.
  6. Tool Inspection:
    • Conduct a thorough inspection of the Demolition Hammer before each use, paying extra attention to components that may undergo greater stress due to increased power.
  7. Operator Distance:
    • Maintain a safe distance from the tool’s impact area, and make sure that other workers and bystanders are also at a safe distance.
  8. Reinforced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Consider reinforced or heavy-duty PPE, especially when using a more powerful tool. This may include reinforced gloves, a hard hat, and additional body protection.
  9. Secure Workpieces:
    • Ensure that the materials or structures being worked on are properly secured to prevent unexpected movement or collapse during demolition.
  10. Communication:
    • Establish clear communication with other workers on the site to coordinate movements and actions. Use signals or radios to convey important information.
  11. Emergency Stop:
    • Be familiar with the emergency stop features of the Demolition Hammer, and know how to quickly shut down the tool in case of an emergency.
  12. Professional Supervision:
    • If possible, have a qualified and experienced professional oversee the operation, especially if the job involves complex demolition tasks.
  13. Weather Conditions:
    • Consider weather conditions, especially if working outdoors. Rain and wet conditions can affect the tool’s performance and increase the risk of slipping.
  14. Prevent Overexertion:
    • Given the increased power, avoid overexertion. Take frequent breaks, and be aware of any signs of fatigue that may compromise your ability to control the tool.

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