Diamond Cutting Blade(Turbo) – Cold Press

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A Diamond Cutting Blade (Turbo) – Cold Press is a specialized tool used in construction and masonry for cutting hard materials such as concrete, granite, marble, or other similar substances. The term “Turbo” typically refers to the design of the blade, featuring a segmented rim with narrow gullets or slots that aid in cooling and debris removal during the cutting process.

The “Cold Press” aspect indicates the manufacturing process used to create the diamond blade. In a cold press method, the diamond segments are pressed and sintered at lower temperatures, resulting in a blade with a different structure compared to hot-pressed blades. Cold press blades are known for their durability and ability to withstand high temperatures during prolonged use.

1. Diamond Cutting edge
2. Size of blade: 7.2mm
3. Spare Ring: 1pc*3/4″(19mm)
4. For cutting concrete, masonry and stone.
5. Packed by blister card



  1. Concrete Cutting: Diamond blades are widely used for cutting through concrete surfaces in construction projects. The turbo design helps in faster cutting, while the cold press manufacturing process ensures durability during continuous use.
  2. Asphalt Cutting: These blades are effective for cutting through asphalt roads or surfaces, making them essential for road construction, maintenance, and repair.
  3. Stone Cutting: Diamond cutting blades are commonly used for cutting natural stones like granite, marble, and slate. The turbo design allows for precision cutting and smoother edges.
  4. Tile Cutting: In the field of tiling, these blades are used to cut through ceramic or porcelain tiles. The turbo design provides a cleaner cut and helps prevent chipping.
  5. Brick Cutting: Diamond blades are employed for cutting through bricks, whether for construction, renovation, or masonry work.
  6. Pavers and Concrete Blocks: For landscaping projects, the turbo diamond blade is suitable for cutting through pavers and concrete blocks, ensuring accurate and clean cuts.
  7. Reinforced Concrete Cutting: In construction projects where reinforced concrete is prevalent, the diamond blade is effective in cutting through both the concrete and the reinforcing materials.
  8. Pipeline Cutting: Diamond cutting blades are used in the maintenance and repair of pipelines made of concrete or other hard materials.
  9. General Construction: These blades find applications in various construction tasks where hard materials need to be cut, shaped, or modified.
  10. DIY Projects: The versatility and availability of smaller diamond blades make them suitable for DIY enthusiasts working on home improvement projects involving hard materials.
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4-1/2″(115MM) 7/8″(22.2MM), 7-1/4″(180MM) 7/8″(22.2MM)

Safety measures and precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Safety glasses or goggles: Protect your eyes from flying debris, dust, and particles.
    • Hearing protection: Use earplugs or earmuffs to reduce noise exposure, especially for prolonged use.
    • Dust mask or respirator: Prevent inhalation of dust and particles generated during cutting.
    • Gloves: Wear appropriate gloves to protect your hands from abrasions, cuts, and vibrations.
  2. Read and Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions:
    • Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for the specific diamond cutting blade you are using.
    • Adhere to recommended operating speeds and maximum RPM (revolutions per minute).
  3. Inspect the Diamond Blade:
    • Before use, inspect the blade for any signs of damage, wear, or deformities.
    • Ensure the blade is properly mounted and securely fastened to the equipment.
  4. Use Suitable Equipment:
    • Ensure that the cutting equipment, such as angle grinders or saws, is in good working condition.
    • Choose the appropriate tool for the specific cutting task and material.
  5. Secure the Work Area:
    • Clear the work area of any unnecessary items, debris, or obstacles.
    • Establish a safety zone and restrict access to bystanders.
  6. Wet Cutting:
    • If possible, use water for wet cutting to control dust and reduce heat generated during the cutting process.
    • Be cautious of electrical equipment and take appropriate measures to prevent electrical hazards when using water.
  7. Proper Handling:
    • Handle the equipment with care and maintain a firm grip.
    • Avoid overloading the tool or forcing the blade through the material, as this can lead to kickbacks.
  8. Positioning:
    • Stand to the side of the cutting path, not directly in line with the blade, to avoid being in the path of potential kickbacks or debris.
  9. Cooling Periods:
    • Allow the blade to cool periodically during extended use to prevent overheating and potential damage.
  10. Emergency Preparedness:
    • Know the location of emergency exits, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers in the work area.
    • Have a clear understanding of emergency procedures and know how to quickly shut down equipment in case of an emergency.


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