F-Clamp 50 X 200 MM (12 pcs)

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An F-clamp, also known as a bar clamp or sliding clamp, is a woodworking tool designed for holding and securing materials in place during the process of gluing, welding, or other similar tasks. It typically consists of two parallel jaws—one fixed and one movable—that can be adjusted along a bar or rail. The movable jaw can be positioned and tightened using a threaded mechanism, allowing the clamp to firmly grip and hold objects of various sizes. F-clamps are widely used in carpentry, metalworking, and other applications where a strong and adjustable clamping force is needed to ensure precision and stability during work.

1. Cast iron and A3 steel
2. Plastic handle
3. Load capacity: 450 kg
4. Packed by paper tag

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F-Clamp Uses

  1. Woodworking Projects:
    • Holding pieces of wood together during gluing to create strong and secure bonds.
    • Securing workpieces for drilling, routing, or sanding to maintain stability and precision.
  2. Metalworking Applications:
    • Clamping metal pieces together during welding or soldering to ensure accurate alignment.
    • Securing metalwork for cutting, shaping, or grinding operations.
  3. Assembly and Fabrication:
    • Holding parts together during assembly processes to maintain alignment and aid in accurate assembly.
    • Clamping components in place during fabrication of structures or projects.
  4. Carpentry:
    • Securing wooden components during construction projects, such as building furniture or framing.
    • Holding molding or trim in place during installation.
  5. DIY Home Improvement:
    • Assisting with various tasks around the house, such as repairing furniture, installing shelves, or building simple structures.
  6. Machining Operations:
    • Clamping workpieces securely on milling machines or lathes to ensure precision during machining processes.
  7. Craftsmanship and Model Making:
    • Holding small or delicate pieces together during fine craftsmanship, model making, or hobbyist projects.
  8. Automotive Repairs:
    • Assisting in vehicle repairs by holding components in place during welding, fabrication, or assembly.
  9. Clamping Irregular Shapes:
    • F-clamps are adaptable and can be used to secure irregularly shaped objects by adjusting the position of the movable jaw to accommodate the specific shape.
  10. Temporary Fixes and Improvisations:
    • Acting as a temporary solution for holding items together when a more permanent fastening method is not immediately available.
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