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A floor jack is a mechanical device used to lift heavy vehicles, such as cars or trucks, off the ground to facilitate maintenance or repairs. It typically consists of a horizontal hydraulic cylinder, a handle for pumping, and a lifting pad that comes into contact with the vehicle’s underside. By pumping the handle, hydraulic pressure is generated, causing the lifting pad to rise and lift the vehicle, providing a convenient and efficient way to access the undercarriage for various automotive tasks. Floor jacks are commonly found in automotive repair shops, garages, and for personal use by car enthusiasts.

1. Max Height: 340mm
2. Min. Height: 135mm
3. Weight: 8.7 kg
4. ASME standard.
5. Packed by color box.

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Floor Jack Uses 

  1. Tire Changes: Floor jacks are frequently used to lift vehicles off the ground to facilitate tire changes. This can be essential for replacing flat tires or swapping between seasonal tires.
  2. Oil Changes: When changing the oil in a vehicle, a floor jack can be used to lift the front or rear of the car, providing better access to the oil pan and oil filter.
  3. Brake Repairs: Floor jacks are crucial for brake system maintenance, allowing easy access to brake calipers, rotors, and other components.
  4. Suspension Work: When repairing or upgrading the suspension system of a vehicle, a floor jack is often used to lift the car and provide sufficient clearance for the necessary work.
  5. Exhaust System Repairs: For repairs or modifications to the exhaust system, a floor jack can lift the vehicle, enabling easier access to exhaust components under the car.
  6. Transmission Maintenance: Floor jacks are helpful when working on the transmission, providing the necessary clearance to access the transmission pan, fluid drain plug, or other components.
  7. Undercarriage Inspections: Routine inspections of the vehicle’s undercarriage for wear, damage, or leaks can be performed more effectively when the car is lifted with a floor jack.
  8. Chassis and Frame Repairs: For tasks involving the chassis or frame of a vehicle, a floor jack is used to lift the car safely, allowing repairs to be made to these critical structural components.
  9. Wheel and Brake Inspections: Routine inspections of wheels and brakes are more thorough when the vehicle is lifted off the ground with a floor jack, providing a clear view of these components.
  10. Cleaning and Detailing: Elevating the vehicle with a floor jack can make it easier to clean and detail the undercarriage, wheel wells, and other hard-to-reach areas.
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Safety measures and precautions

  1. Choose the Right Jack:
    • Select a floor jack with an appropriate weight capacity for the vehicle you are lifting. The jack’s capacity should exceed the weight of the vehicle.
  2. Use Jack Stands:
    • Never solely rely on a floor jack to support a lifted vehicle. Always use jack stands to provide additional support and prevent the vehicle from falling.
  3. Level Ground:
    • Position the vehicle on a level and solid surface before using the floor jack. Uneven ground can cause the jack to tip over or the vehicle to shift unexpectedly.
  4. Chock the Wheels:
    • Place wheel chocks on the opposite side of the vehicle from where you are lifting. This helps prevent unintended movement and adds an extra layer of safety.
  5. Check the Jack’s Condition:
    • Inspect the floor jack for any signs of damage, leaks, or malfunction before using it. Ensure that all moving parts are in good working condition.
  6. Proper Lifting Points:
    • Lift the vehicle using designated lifting points specified in the vehicle’s manual. Avoid lifting the vehicle from unstable or inappropriate locations, as it may cause damage.
  7. Lift Slowly and Evenly:
    • Pump the handle of the floor jack slowly and evenly. Sudden or uneven movements can destabilize the vehicle or the jack.
  8. Use a Backup:
    • If available, use a secondary means of support, such as a secondary floor jack, in addition to jack stands. This provides an extra layer of safety in case one system fails.
  9. Keep Hands and Body Clear:
    • Keep hands, feet, and other body parts away from moving parts of the jack to prevent injuries. Never place any part of your body under the vehicle while it is supported by the floor jack.
  10. Lower the Vehicle Carefully:
    • When lowering the vehicle, do so slowly and steadily. Ensure that all tools and body parts are clear of the underside of the vehicle.
  11. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions:
    • Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for the specific floor jack model you are using. This includes maintenance procedures and recommended usage.
  12. Do Not Overload:
    • Do not exceed the weight capacity of the floor jack. Overloading can lead to failure and pose serious safety risks.

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