Makute Electric Planer 82mm x 2mm 650W

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An electric planer is a power tool designed for woodworking that features a rotating cutting blade to trim, shape, and smooth wood surfaces. It is used to remove thin layers of material from a wooden workpiece, allowing for precision in adjusting thickness and creating flat and even surfaces. Electric planers are commonly employed in carpentry and woodworking projects to achieve desired dimensions, smoothness, and consistency in woodwork.


Rated Voltage:220-240V~50/60HZ
Input Power: 650W
No-load speed: 16800r/min
Planning width&depth:82x2mm
With 1pc blade adapter
With 1pc Sharpening block
With 1pc Wrench
With 1pc parallel guides



  1. Thickness Planing:
    • Adjusting the thickness of wooden boards or panels to achieve uniform dimensions.
  2. Surface Smoothing:
    • Creating smooth and even surfaces by removing imperfections, rough spots, or unevenness in wood.
  3. Edge Beveling:
    • Beveling or chamfering edges for decorative or functional purposes.
  4. Flattening Rough Lumber:
    • Smoothing and leveling rough-cut lumber or reclaimed wood.
  5. Jointing Edges:
    • Creating straight and square edges on boards for accurate joinery and seamless assembly.
  6. Removing Paint or Varnish:
    • Stripping old paint or varnish layers from wooden surfaces.
  7. Door Trimming:
    • Trimming doors to fit properly in their frames, especially after installation or if adjustments are needed.
  8. Resurfacing Wooden Floors:
    • Refinishing or leveling wooden floors by removing a thin layer of material.
  9. Creating Rabbets and Rebates:
    • Making precise recesses or grooves along the edge or face of a board for various woodworking joints.
  10. Scribing:
    • Shaving off small amounts of wood to achieve a precise fit between two pieces, ensuring a tight joint.
  11. Tapering:
    • Gradually reducing the thickness of a board at one end, creating a tapered effect.
  12. Woodworking Projects:
    • General shaping and preparation of wood for a variety of woodworking projects, including furniture making, cabinetry, and carpentry.
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82mm x 2mm 650W


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