Peripheral Pump 35L

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A peripheral pump, also known as a centrifugal pump, is a type of fluid transfer device that utilizes the kinetic energy of a rotating impeller to move liquids. This pump operates by converting rotational energy from an electric motor or other power source into fluid flow. The impeller spins within a casing, creating a centrifugal force that propels the liquid outward and increases its velocity. As a result, the fluid is drawn into the pump and expelled through the outlet. Peripheral pumps are commonly used for applications such as water circulation, irrigation, and various industrial processes where a continuous and efficient transfer of liquids is required.

Max suction: 8M
Input/output diameter:1″/1″
Motor with copper wire coils
Brass impeller
Self-priming and with thermal protection

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Peripheral Pump Uses

  1. Residential Water Supply:
    • These pumps are commonly used for supplying water to residential buildings. They can efficiently draw water from a source, such as a well or a water storage tank, and provide a consistent water supply for household needs like drinking, bathing, and cleaning.
  2. Garden Irrigation:
    • Peripheral pumps are suitable for small-scale irrigation systems in gardens or lawns. They can distribute water to plants and landscaping features, ensuring proper hydration for vegetation.
  3. Small Agricultural Applications:
    • For small farms or agricultural plots, where the water requirements are relatively modest, these pumps can be used for tasks like crop irrigation or livestock watering.
  4. Pressure Boosting:
    • Peripheral pumps can be employed to boost water pressure in plumbing systems. This is useful in situations where the natural water pressure is insufficient for specific applications, such as in multi-story buildings.
  5. Fountain and Pond Circulation:
    • In landscaping features like fountains or ponds, peripheral pumps can be used to circulate water, maintain water quality, and create decorative water displays.
  6. Construction Sites:
    • These pumps can be utilized on construction sites for tasks like transferring water from one location to another, particularly when a constant and reliable water supply is needed for construction activities.
  7. Emergency Water Removal:
    • Peripheral pumps can be employed for emergency situations, such as removing excess water from flooded basements or other areas, helping to prevent property damage.
  8. Industrial Applications:
    • In certain small-scale industrial settings, where moderate pumping power is sufficient, peripheral pumps might be used for specific fluid transfer tasks.
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