Self-Priming Peripheral Pump 60L/min

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A self-priming peripheral pump is a type of centrifugal pump that is designed to automatically evacuate air and prime itself without external assistance. This type of pump is capable of lifting water from a lower level and initiating the pumping process without the need for manual priming or additional priming equipment. The term “peripheral” refers to the location of the impeller, which is situated at the periphery of the pump casing. Self-priming peripheral pumps are commonly used for various applications, including water supply, irrigation, and circulation systems, where the pump may be located above the water source, and priming efficiency is essential.

Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Max suction: 8M
Input/output diameter:1″/1″
Motor with copper wire coils
Brass impeller
Self-priming and with thermal protection
Package: color box

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Self-Priming Peripheral Pump Uses

  1. Domestic Water Supply:
    • These pumps are often used in residential settings to supply water from wells, tanks, or other water sources to homes for activities such as drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning.
  2. Irrigation:
    • Self-priming peripheral pumps are employed in irrigation systems to lift water from a source, such as a reservoir or pond, and distribute it to fields or gardens for agricultural purposes.
  3. Gardening and Lawn Sprinkler Systems:
    • These pumps are suitable for small-scale gardening and lawn irrigation, ensuring efficient water distribution for landscaping purposes.
  4. Small-Scale Industrial Applications:
    • Self-priming peripheral pumps can be used in various industrial processes where a compact and efficient pump is required for liquid transfer, circulation, or cooling.
  5. Booster Pump Systems:
    • In buildings with insufficient water pressure, self-priming peripheral pumps can be used as booster pumps to enhance water pressure in plumbing systems.
  6. Vehicle Washing Systems:
    • Car wash facilities often use self-priming peripheral pumps to ensure a consistent and reliable water supply for cleaning operations.
  7. Fountain and Water Feature Systems:
    • These pumps are suitable for circulating water in decorative fountains and water features, adding aesthetic appeal to gardens, parks, and public spaces.
  8. Emergency Water Extraction:
    • In emergency situations, such as flooding or water removal from basements, self-priming peripheral pumps can be used to quickly extract water and prevent further damage.
  9. Construction Sites:
    • Self-priming peripheral pumps are employed on construction sites for tasks such as dewatering excavations or transferring water between locations.
  10. Marine Applications:
    • In boats or small marine vessels, these pumps may be used for bilge pumping to remove water from the bilge area and prevent flooding.
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