Total Angle Grinder 230mm 2600W

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An angle grinder is a power tool with a disc or wheel at its end, specifically designed for abrasive or cutting applications. The “230 MM” refers to the diameter of the disc in millimeters, indicating a large-sized grinder suitable for heavy-duty tasks. The “2600 WATTS” specifies the power rating of the tool, with 2600 watts being the electrical power consumption or input power. In practical terms, a 230 mm angle grinder with 2600 watts of power is well-suited for demanding tasks such as cutting and grinding metal or masonry materials, where high power and a larger disc diameter are advantageous for efficiency and effectiveness.

Input power:2600W
No-load speed:6200rpm
Disc diameter:230mm
Spindle thread:M14
With 1pcs auxiliary handle


Total  Angle Grinder 230mm 2600W Uses

  1. Metal Cutting:
    • The powerful motor and large disc diameter make it well-suited for cutting through metal pipes, rods, and sheets quickly and efficiently.
  2. Metal Grinding:
    • Use it for smoothing or shaping metal surfaces, removing rust or corrosion, and preparing metal for welding.
  3. Masonry Cutting:
    • With the right type of abrasive disc, an angle grinder can cut through materials like concrete, stone, and brick.
  4. Tile and Paver Cutting:
    • Ideal for cutting tiles or pavers to fit specific spaces or shapes.
  5. Welding Preparation:
    • Grind down welds, clean metal surfaces, and prepare materials for welding.
  6. Rust Removal:
    • The grinder can be used to remove rust and old paint from metal surfaces.
  7. Sharpening Tools:
    • With the appropriate attachment, it can be used for sharpening tools like garden shears or lawnmower blades.
  8. Woodworking:
    • Though primarily a tool for metalworking, an angle grinder can be equipped with the right blade for cutting or shaping wood.
  9. Polishing:
    • Attach a polishing or buffing disc for applications like polishing metal surfaces.
  10. Concrete Surface Grinding:
    • Use specialized grinding discs to smooth or level concrete surfaces.
  11. Pipe and Tube Beveling:
    • Prepare pipes and tubes for welding by creating beveled edges.
  12. Deburring:
    • Remove sharp edges and burrs from metal after cutting or machining.
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230MM 2600W

Safety Measures

  1. Read the Manual:
    • Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines provided in the user manual. Follow all recommended procedures.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses or a face shield to protect your eyes from sparks and debris.
    • Use hearing protection, as angle grinders can be loud.
    • Wear gloves to protect your hands from heat, sparks, and abrasive materials.
    • Use a dust mask if there is a potential for dust or debris.
  3. Clothing:
    • Wear long sleeves and long pants to protect your skin from sparks and debris.
    • Avoid loose clothing and tie back long hair to prevent entanglement with the grinder.
  4. Secure Work Area:
    • Ensure your work area is well-lit and free of clutter to prevent tripping hazards.
    • Keep bystanders and other workers at a safe distance while operating the grinder.
  5. Inspect the Grinder:
    • Before use, check the grinder for any damage or defects. Ensure all guards are in place and functioning properly.
    • Ensure that the power cord is in good condition, and the plug is securely connected to the power source.
  6. Secure Workpiece:
    • Securely clamp or hold the workpiece in place to prevent it from moving during operation.
  7. Adjust Guard Position:
    • Adjust the guard to the appropriate position to deflect sparks and debris away from you.
  8. Power Source:
    • Connect the grinder to a power source with the correct voltage and ensure the power supply is grounded.
  9. Tool Handling:
    • Hold the grinder with both hands, maintaining a firm grip during operation.
    • Never operate the grinder with one hand, and avoid overreaching.
  10. Start Safely:
    • Ensure the grinder is turned off before plugging it in.
    • Start the grinder in a safe position, away from your body and others.
  11. Control the Tool:
    • Let the grinder reach its full speed before making contact with the workpiece.
    • Avoid forcing the grinder, and let the tool do the work.
  12. Switch Off Safely:
    • Wait for the grinder to come to a complete stop before setting it down.
  13. Emergency Procedures:
    • Know the location of emergency stops and how to quickly disconnect power in case of an emergency.

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