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A cordless blower is a handheld or backpack device designed for the purpose of moving air to clean or clear debris, leaves, or other materials from outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional blowers that are powered by an electrical cord, cordless blowers are equipped with rechargeable batteries, providing greater mobility and flexibility in use. These devices are commonly used in landscaping, gardening, and yard maintenance to efficiently and conveniently blow away leaves, grass clippings, and other lightweight debris without the limitations of a power cord.

Voltage: 20V
Air speed: 10-32m/s
Under Turbo: 43m/s
Air volume: 1.87- 5.98m3/min
under turbo: 8m3/min
Variable speed
1pc 2.4A charger


Uyus Cordless Blower Uses

  1. Lawn and Yard Maintenance:
    • Clearing leaves, grass clippings, and debris from lawns and yards.
    • Cleaning driveways, sidewalks, and patios.
  2. Gardening:
    • Blowing away dirt, mulch, or other materials from garden beds.
    • Drying off plants after watering.
  3. Snow Removal:
    • Removing light snow from sidewalks, driveways, and outdoor surfaces.
  4. Construction Sites:
    • Clearing sawdust, debris, or dirt from construction sites.
    • Cleaning work areas and tools.
  5. Car Cleaning:
    • Blowing away dust, leaves, and debris from the exterior and interior of vehicles.
    • Drying off a car after washing.
  6. Gutter Cleaning:
    • Clearing leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts.
  7. Sports Facilities:
    • Clearing leaves, debris, or grass clippings from sports fields or tracks.
  8. Commercial and Industrial Cleaning:
    • Cleaning warehouses, parking lots, and industrial facilities.
    • Removing debris from outdoor seating areas at restaurants or cafes.
  9. Boat and RV Maintenance:
    • Cleaning decks and outdoor areas on boats.
    • Clearing leaves and debris from RV awnings and surfaces.
  10. Emergency Cleanup:
    • Quick cleanup after storms or windy weather.
    • Clearing debris from outdoor event spaces.
  11. Home Use:
    • Cleaning out the garage or workshop.
    • Quick cleanup of outdoor play areas for children.
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1pc 4.0Ah battery

Safety Measures

  1. Read the User Manual: Always read and understand the user manual provided by the manufacturer. It contains essential information about the tool’s operation, maintenance, and safety instructions.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from debris, ear protection if the blower is loud, and a dust mask to prevent inhalation of dust and debris.
  3. Clothing: Wear appropriate clothing, including long sleeves, long pants, sturdy shoes, and gloves to protect your skin from flying debris and potential scratches.
  4. Area Inspection: Before starting the blower, inspect the work area for any obstacles, tripping hazards, or objects that could be propelled by the blower. Clear the area of debris, rocks, and other potential projectiles.
  5. Keep Bystanders Away: Ensure that there are no bystanders, children, or pets in the immediate vicinity. Warn others about the potential hazards, and establish a safe distance between you and anyone else.
  6. Secure Loose Items: Secure loose items in the work area that could be blown away by the force of the blower. This includes tools, lightweight objects, and any other items that may become airborne.
  7. Battery Safety: If using a cordless blower with a rechargeable battery, follow proper battery handling and charging procedures as outlined in the user manual. Inspect the battery for any damage before use.
  8. Stable Footing: Maintain stable footing and be aware of your surroundings. Use caution when operating the blower on uneven or slippery surfaces to prevent slips or falls.
  9. Avoid Overreaching: Maintain proper balance and avoid overreaching while using the blower. Move your feet and body to reach different areas instead of stretching beyond your comfortable reach.
  10. Switch Off When Not in Use: Always turn off the blower when not in use, especially during breaks or when adjusting settings. This helps prevent accidental starts and enhances overall safety.
  11. Proper Technique: Use the blower with the proper technique, directing airflow away from yourself and others. Be mindful of the wind direction to avoid blowing debris back towards you.
  12. Regular Maintenance: Keep the blower in good working condition by performing regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. This includes cleaning air intake vents, inspecting the blower tube, and ensuring that all components are in proper working order.

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