Uyus Long Nose Pliers 6″ (12 pcs)

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Long nose pliers, also known as needle-nose pliers, are a type of hand tool characterized by elongated, pointed jaws that taper to a fine tip. These pliers typically have a slender and straight or slightly curved design, featuring a cutting edge near the pivot point and handles that may have serrated surfaces for improved grip. Long nose pliers are commonly used for gripping, bending, shaping, and cutting thin wires or small objects in areas that require precision and accessibility due to their extended and slender jaws.

1. Drop forged from carbon steel #55
2. Heat treated & polished head
3. Bi-color soft TPR handle
4. Packed by blister card

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Long nose pliers uses

  1. Gripping and Holding: Long nose pliers are designed to provide a strong grip on small objects or materials. The long, slender jaws allow users to reach into tight spaces to hold, twist, or manipulate items.
  2. Bending and Shaping: The fine, tapered tips of long nose pliers make them suitable for bending and shaping wires or other materials. They are commonly used in electronics work, jewelry making, and other crafts that require precision.
  3. Cutting Wires: Many long nose pliers have a cutting edge near the pivot point, allowing them to cut through thin wires cleanly. This makes them useful in electrical work and other tasks where wire cutting is required.
  4. Reaching into Confined Spaces: The extended reach and slim design of long nose pliers make them ideal for reaching into confined or hard-to-reach spaces. This is especially valuable in automotive repairs, plumbing, and other situations where accessibility is limited.
  5. Securing and Maneuvering Small Components: Long nose pliers are handy for securing and maneuvering small components, such as nuts, bolts, or screws, especially in areas where fingers may struggle to reach.
  6. Jewelry Making: Jewelers often use long nose pliers for intricate work, such as bending and shaping delicate wires, securing small beads, or handling fine jewelry components.
  7. Electronics Repair: In electronics repair and assembly, long nose pliers are essential for handling small electronic components, bending leads on resistors or capacitors, and making precise connections.
  8. Fishing and Hobbies: Anglers often use long nose pliers for removing hooks from fish due to their slim and pointed tips. Additionally, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts find these pliers useful for various tasks, such as model building.
  9. Wire Wrapping: Long nose pliers are commonly used in wire wrapping techniques, where wires are twisted and bent to create intricate designs or connections.
  10. Sculpting and Artistic Work: Artists and sculptors may use long nose pliers to shape and manipulate materials like wire, clay, or other malleable substances in their creative projects.



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Safety measures and precautions

  1. Eye Protection:
    • Always wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from any potential flying debris or particles that may be generated during cutting or bending.
  2. Hand Protection:
    • Use gloves to protect your hands, especially when working with sharp materials or objects. The gloves should allow for dexterity while providing a barrier against cuts and abrasions.
  3. Proper Tool Selection:
    • Ensure that you are using the right tool for the job. Using the correct size and type of long nose pliers for a particular task will enhance efficiency and safety.
  4. Inspect the Pliers:
    • Before use, inspect the long nose pliers for any damage, such as cracks, bent jaws, or loose handles. Damaged pliers can be less effective and may pose safety risks.
  5. Secure Grip:
    • Always maintain a secure and comfortable grip on the handles of the pliers. This helps prevent slipping and ensures better control during use.
  6. Keep a Safe Distance:
    • Be aware of your surroundings and keep a safe distance from others while using long nose pliers. This is particularly important in shared workspaces to avoid accidental contact with coworkers.
  7. Mind the Cutting Edge:
    • If the long nose pliers have a cutting edge, use caution when cutting wires. Keep your hands and fingers clear of the cutting area to avoid accidental cuts.
  8. Stabilize Workpiece:
    • Secure the workpiece in a stable position before attempting to grip, bend, or cut. This reduces the likelihood of the workpiece slipping and causing an accident.
  9. Work in Well-Lit Areas:
    • Ensure that your work area is well-lit to enhance visibility and reduce the chances of making mistakes or misjudging the placement of the pliers.
  10. Avoid Excessive Force:
    • Use the appropriate amount of force for the task at hand. Excessive force can lead to loss of control and may cause injury.
  11. Store Properly:
    • When not in use, store long nose pliers in a designated and secure location. Avoid leaving them in places where they can be easily stepped on or damaged.
  12. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines:
    • Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the specific long nose pliers you are using. This includes information on usage, maintenance, and any specific safety considerations.


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