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An electric brush cutter is a powered gardening tool designed for cutting and trimming dense vegetation, weeds, and overgrown areas. It is equipped with a motor that is powered by electricity, usually sourced from a power outlet or a rechargeable battery. The tool features a rotating cutting blade or a nylon string, commonly referred to as a trimmer line, that efficiently cuts through thick vegetation. Electric brush cutters are known for their ease of use, low noise levels compared to gas-powered alternatives, and their environmentally friendly operation. They are suitable for maintaining lawns, clearing brush, and tidying up areas where traditional lawnmowers may struggle to reach.

  1. Rated Voltage: 220-240V~50-60Hz
  2. Input Power :250W
  3. No-load Speed: 13000r/min
  4. Max Cutting Length: 200mm
  5. Nylonline: φ1.2mm X 6m



  1. Lawn Edging:
    • Electric brush cutters are effective for trimming grass along the edges of lawns, driveways, and walkways, providing a clean and manicured appearance.
  2. Weed Control:
    • Ideal for tackling weeds and unwanted vegetation in gardens, flower beds, and other landscaping areas.
  3. Overgrown Vegetation:
    • Suitable for cutting through thick and overgrown grass, bushes, and small shrubs, making it easier to maintain a neat and tidy landscape.
  4. Clearing Brush:
    • Effective in clearing dense vegetation, undergrowth, and brush in areas where conventional lawnmowers may struggle.
  5. Tall Grass and Fields:
    • Well-suited for cutting tall grass and maintaining fields, especially in areas that are not easily accessible with traditional mowers.
  6. Roadside Maintenance:
    • Used by municipal workers and landscapers for maintaining roadside greenery, ensuring visibility and safety on roadsides.
  7. Orchard and Vineyard Maintenance:
    • Electric brush cutters are employed for maintaining vegetation around trees, vines, and orchards, allowing for better growth and easier harvesting.
  8. Trail and Path Clearing:
    • Useful for clearing paths, trails, and recreational areas, keeping them accessible and safe for pedestrians.
  9. Undergrowth Clearance:
    • Valuable in forestry and land management to clear undergrowth and maintain firebreaks for wildfire prevention.
  10. Acreage and Large Property Maintenance:
    • Suitable for cutting and maintaining large properties, providing an efficient solution for areas with diverse vegetation.
  11. Environmentally Friendly Landscaping:
    • Electric brush cutters are preferred for their lower environmental impact compared to gas-powered alternatives, emitting less noise and producing no exhaust fumes.
  12. Precision Trimming:
    • Used for precision trimming around obstacles, such as trees, fences, and garden structures.
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Safety Precautions

  1. Read the Manual:
    • Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines provided in the user manual. Follow all recommended procedures for assembly, operation, and maintenance.
  2. Wear Protective Gear:
    • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses or a face shield, ear protection, gloves, long pants, and sturdy footwear. A helmet may also be necessary for certain applications.
  3. Inspect the Equipment:
    • Before each use, inspect the electric brush cutter for any signs of damage, loose parts, or wear. Ensure that all safety guards are in place and functioning properly.
  4. Secure Work Area:
    • Clear the work area of obstacles, debris, and bystanders. Make sure there are no tripping hazards, and keep pets and other people at a safe distance.
  5. Electrical Safety:
    • If using a corded electric brush cutter, be mindful of the power cord. Keep it behind you and away from the cutting path to avoid accidental cuts. Use an appropriate extension cord and ensure it is in good condition.
  6. Battery Safety:
    • If using a cordless electric brush cutter, ensure the battery is fully charged before starting work. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for battery maintenance and charging.
  7. Two-Handed Operation:
    • Use both hands to operate the brush cutter, maintaining a firm grip on the handles. This provides better control and stability while reducing the risk of injury.
  8. Switch Off When Not in Use:
    • Always turn off the electric brush cutter and disconnect it from the power source or remove the battery when not in use, during maintenance, or when changing attachments.
  9. Proper Cutting Techniques:
    • Avoid overreaching and maintain a stable stance. Use the brush cutter at waist height whenever possible to maintain control and reduce the risk of injury.
  10. Stay Alert and Focused:
    • Pay attention to your surroundings and stay focused on the task at hand. Do not operate the brush cutter while fatigued, under the influence of substances, or if you are not in a clear state of mind.
  11. Emergency Preparedness:
    • Know the location of emergency shut-off switches, and have a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and emergency contact information readily available.
  12. Training and Experience:
    • Seek proper training before using an electric brush cutter, especially if you are a novice. If you’re unsure about a task, seek guidance from experienced users or professionals.




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