Fibre Strengthened Resin Cutting Wheel

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A fiber-strengthened resin cutting wheel refers to a cutting tool designed for various machining applications, particularly in the context of metalworking or construction. This type of cutting wheel is composed of a resin matrix, which serves as a binding material, reinforced with fibers for added strength and durability. The fibers are typically made of materials such as fiberglass or other composite materials.

The combination of resin and fibers enhances the cutting wheel’s structural integrity, making it more resistant to breakage and providing improved performance during cutting operations. The reinforced design allows the wheel to withstand higher levels of mechanical stress and heat generated during cutting processes. Fiber-strengthened resin cutting wheels are commonly used in applications like cutting metal, steel, or other hard materials, where precision and durability are crucial.

1. Aluminum oxide grain
2. Hardness: T grade.



  1. Metal Cutting:
    • These cutting wheels are frequently employed for cutting metal and steel in fabrication and manufacturing processes. The reinforced design allows for efficient and precise cutting, making them essential tools in metalworking industries.
  2. Construction and Infrastructure:
    • Fiber-strengthened resin cutting wheels are utilized in construction projects for cutting materials like concrete, masonry, or rebar. Their durability is particularly beneficial when dealing with tough building materials.
  3. Automotive Industry:
    • In automotive workshops, these cutting wheels are used for tasks such as cutting sheet metal, removing welds, or modifying metal components. Their ability to cut through various metals makes them valuable in auto body repair and customization.
  4. DIY and Home Improvement:
    • DIY enthusiasts and homeowners use fiber-strengthened resin cutting wheels for various tasks, including cutting metal pipes, rods, or bolts. They are versatile tools for home improvement projects that involve working with metal or other hard materials.
  5. Shipbuilding and Marine Applications:
    • Shipbuilders use these cutting wheels to shape and cut metal components in the construction of ships and other marine structures. The resilience of fiber-strengthened resin cutting wheels is crucial in maritime applications.
  6. Aerospace Industry:
    • In the aerospace industry, where precision and reliability are critical, these cutting wheels are used for tasks such as trimming or modifying metal components in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.
  7. Manufacturing and Fabrication:
    • General manufacturing and fabrication processes often involve the use of fiber-strengthened resin cutting wheels for cutting and shaping metal or composite materials.
  8. Pipeline Construction and Maintenance:
    • The cutting wheels are employed in the construction and maintenance of pipelines, where they can cut through metal pipes efficiently.
  9. Renewable Energy Industry:
    • In the production and maintenance of renewable energy infrastructure, such as wind turbines or solar panels, these cutting wheels are used to cut and shape materials like metal or composites.
  10. Emergency and Rescue Operations:
    • Fiber-strengthened resin cutting wheels are also utilized in emergency situations, such as rescue operations, where cutting through various materials quickly and efficiently is crucial.
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115X3.2X22.23MM 13300-80M/S

Safety measures and precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Always wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses or a face shield, hearing protection, gloves, and long sleeves. The PPE helps protect against potential hazards such as sparks, debris, and noise.
  2. Check and Use the Right Wheel:
    • Ensure that you are using the correct type and size of cutting wheel for the material and task at hand. Using the wrong wheel can lead to breakage and accidents.
  3. Inspect the Cutting Wheel:
    • Before each use, inspect the cutting wheel for any damage, cracks, or signs of wear. Replace damaged or worn-out wheels immediately to prevent breakage during operation.
  4. Secure Workpiece Properly:
    • Secure the workpiece firmly in place using clamps or other appropriate methods. A stable workpiece reduces the risk of kickback or movement during cutting.
  5. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines:
    • Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the cutting wheel, including recommended operating speed, maximum RPM (revolutions per minute), and any other specifications.
  6. Maintain a Safe Distance:
    • Keep a safe distance from the cutting wheel while in operation. Stand to the side and avoid positioning yourself in the potential path of sparks or debris.
  7. Use a Proper Guard:
    • Ensure that the tool is equipped with the appropriate guard or safety shield. The guard helps to protect the user from sparks, debris, and the rotating cutting wheel.
  8. Avoid Excessive Pressure:
    • Let the cutting wheel do the work. Avoid applying excessive pressure, as it can lead to overheating and premature wear of the wheel. Allow the tool to cut at its designed rate.
  9. Stay Alert and Focused:
    • Maintain full attention while operating the cutting tool. Avoid distractions and be aware of your surroundings. If you’re fatigued or not fully focused, take a break.
  10. Handle with Care:
    • Handle the cutting tool with care, especially during setup and when changing cutting wheels. Avoid dropping the tool, as it can cause damage to the wheel and compromise safety.
  11. Disconnect Power Source:
    • Before changing the cutting wheel or performing any maintenance, disconnect the power source to prevent accidental starts.
  12. Proper Ventilation:
    • Use the cutting tool in well-ventilated areas or consider using additional ventilation equipment. This helps dissipate any fumes or dust generated during cutting.
  13. Training and Education:
    • Ensure that operators are adequately trained and educated on the safe use of fiber-strengthened resin cutting wheels. Knowledge of proper procedures and potential hazards is crucial.

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