Pointed Cold Chisel with Guard

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A pointed cold chisel with a guard is a hand tool designed for cutting and shaping cold, non-ferrous materials such as stone, brick, or metal. The chisel typically has a pointed or tapered end that allows for precise cutting and shaping. The guard, often a metal sleeve or collar, serves to protect the user’s hand from accidental slips or strikes while using the tool. This type of chisel is commonly used in various construction, metalworking, and masonry applications.

1. Dropped forged from carbon steel #45
2. Heat treated
3. Painted surface



  1. Metalworking:
    • Cutting and shaping metal pieces.
    • Removing excess material, such as during welding or metal fabrication.
  2. Masonry and Stone Work:
    • Splitting and shaping stones.
    • Cutting or carving bricks and concrete blocks.
    • Creating or adjusting the shape of masonry elements.
  3. Construction:
    • Removing unwanted concrete or mortar.
    • Chipping away at surfaces to prepare them for further work.
  4. Automotive Repair:
    • Cutting and shaping metal components in automotive repairs.
    • Removing rusted or stubborn parts.
  5. Woodworking:
    • Trimming and shaping wooden pieces.
    • Carving and sculpting wood.
  6. Demolition:
    • Breaking apart small concrete structures.
    • Chipping away at unwanted materials during demolition work.
  7. Artistic and Craftsmanship:
    • Sculpting and shaping various materials for artistic purposes.
    • Creating detailed designs in metal, wood, or other materials.
  8. General DIY Tasks:
    • Aiding in various home improvement projects that involve cutting or shaping materials.


10″X16MM,¬† 12″X16MM

Safety Precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Always wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris.
    • Use gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges and impacts.
  2. Use a Suitable Work Surface:
    • Work on a stable and secure surface to prevent slips and ensure proper control of the chisel.
  3. Secure the Workpiece:
    • Ensure that the material you are working on is securely clamped or held in place. This prevents unexpected movement and enhances precision.
  4. Choose the Right Chisel for the Job:
    • Select a chisel that is appropriate for the material and the specific task. Using the wrong tool may lead to accidents or damage to the tool.
  5. Inspect the Chisel Before Use:
    • Check the chisel for any damage, such as chips or cracks. A damaged chisel can be dangerous and may not perform effectively.
  6. Use the Guard Properly:
    • If the pointed cold chisel comes with a guard, ensure it is in place and properly adjusted. The guard is designed to protect your hand from accidental slips or strikes.
  7. Maintain a Controlled Grip:
    • Hold the chisel with a firm and controlled grip. Avoid overreaching or using excessive force, as this can lead to loss of control.
  8. Use Adequate Lighting:
    • Ensure proper lighting in the work area to clearly see the workpiece and the chisel, reducing the risk of errors.
  9. Work Away from Your Body:
    • Position the chisel so that your body is not directly in the path of the striking force. This minimizes the risk of injury if the chisel slips.
  10. Take Breaks:
    • Fatigue can lead to decreased concentration and increased risk of accidents. Take regular breaks to stay alert and focused.
  11. Follow Correct Striking Techniques:
    • Use a hammer or mallet of appropriate size for the chisel, and strike it squarely. Mis-hits can lead to tool damage and pose safety hazards.
  12. Keep the Work Area Clean:
    • Remove debris and clutter from the work area to prevent tripping hazards and maintain a safe working environment.

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