Six Sided Angle Measuring Tool (6 pcs)

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A six-sided angle measuring tool, commonly known as a hexagonal protractor, is a geometric instrument with six equal sides and six internal angles, each measuring 120 degrees. This tool is specifically designed to facilitate the measurement and drawing of angles in various applications, such as geometry and engineering. The angles are typically marked or calibrated along the edges, allowing users to accurately determine and replicate specific angular measurements during drafting or other precision tasks.

1. Material: Aluminum alloy
2. 1 hole locater,6 folding                                                                                        3. Thickness: 2.5mm, 1 ruler length:174 mm, total length: 1044mm
4. Three position hole( diameter is 26mm,41mm and 46mm)                  5. Packed by blister card


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Six-sided angle measuring tool uses

  1. Geometry and Mathematics:
    • Angle Measurement: The primary purpose of a six-sided angle measuring tool is to measure and draw angles accurately. It helps in geometry problems, construction of geometric shapes, and understanding angular relationships.
  2. Engineering and Drafting:
    • Blueprints and Technical Drawings: Engineers and draftsmen use hexagonal protractors to measure and draw angles on blueprints and technical drawings. This is crucial for designing structures, machines, and other engineered systems.
  3. Carpentry and Woodworking:
    • Precision Cutting: Woodworkers often use angle measuring tools to mark and cut precise angles in wood. This is essential for creating joints, corners, and other elements in carpentry projects.
  4. Metalworking:
    • Fabrication and Welding: In metalworking, accurate angle measurements are crucial for fabrication and welding. A hexagonal protractor can be used to ensure precise angles when cutting and joining metal pieces.
  5. Education:
    • Teaching Geometry: In educational settings, hexagonal protractors are valuable tools for teaching geometry concepts. They help students visualize and understand angles in a hands-on way.
  6. Modeling and Prototyping:
    • 3D Modeling: In prototyping and 3D modeling, designers may use hexagonal protractors to ensure that angles are accurately represented in their models.
  7. DIY Home Projects:
    • Home Renovation and Improvement: Individuals working on DIY home projects may use hexagonal protractors for tasks such as cutting tiles, installing molding, or building furniture where precise angles are important.
  8. Navigation:
    • Orienteering: In navigation and orienteering, hexagonal protractors can be used to measure angles on maps, aiding in determining directions and distances.
  9. Art and Design:
    • Graphic Design: Artists and graphic designers may use angle measuring tools for creating geometric patterns, illustrations, and designs where specific angles are required.
  10. Surveying:
    • Land Surveying: Surveyors may use hexagonal protractors to measure angles and bearings in the field, contributing to accurate land surveys.
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Safety Precautions

  1. Mindful Handling:
    • Handle the tool with care to avoid any sharp edges or protruding parts that could cause injury. Be cautious when picking up, carrying, or passing the tool to others.
  2. Proper Storage:
    • Store the hexagonal protractor in a designated area when not in use. This helps prevent accidents such as tripping over the tool or inadvertently coming into contact with its edges.
  3. Sharp Edges Awareness:
    • Be aware of the edges of the tool to prevent accidental cuts or abrasions. Avoid sliding your hands along the edges without proper caution.
  4. Correct Tool for the Job:
    • Use the hexagonal protractor for its intended purpose. Avoid using it as a cutting or poking tool, as this can damage the tool and pose a safety risk.
  5. Clear Work Area:
    • Ensure the work area is clear of unnecessary items or debris. This reduces the risk of accidents and makes it easier to handle and use the angle measuring tool safely.
  6. Proper Lighting:
    • Work in well-lit areas to enhance visibility. Proper lighting reduces the likelihood of misreading measurements and helps prevent accidents due to poor visibility.
  7. Protective Gear:
    • Depending on the specific application, consider using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses or gloves to protect against any potential hazards.
  8. Training and Familiarity:
    • Ensure that users are trained and familiar with the proper use of the hexagonal protractor. This includes understanding how to read measurements and handle the tool safely.
  9. Secure Workpieces:
    • When cutting or working with materials using angle measurements, ensure that workpieces are securely positioned to prevent movement or slipping, which could lead to accidents.
  10. First Aid Preparedness:
    • Have a basic first aid kit on hand in case of minor injuries. Knowing the location of first aid supplies and having basic first aid knowledge can be beneficial.
  11. Supervision for Beginners:
    • If someone is new to using the hexagonal protractor, they should be supervised by someone experienced until they are familiar with proper handling and safety procedures.

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