Swing Jaw Corner Clamp (12pieces)

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A swing jaw corner clamp is a specialized tool used in woodworking and metalworking for securely holding and positioning materials at a right angle during the assembly or welding process. It typically consists of two hinged jaws—one fixed and one movable—that can be tightened to grip the workpiece at its corner. The “swing jaw” aspect refers to the movable jaw that can be swung into position, allowing for flexibility in clamping various-sized materials. This type of clamp is especially useful for creating precise and stable right-angle joints, ensuring accurate assembly and welding in carpentry, metal fabrication, and other related applications.

1.Material: Aluminium alloy
2.Color: Yellow
3.Max Jaw Open: 68mm
5.Packed by color box


Swing Jaw Corner Clamp Uses 

  1. Carpentry and Woodworking:
    • Frame Construction: Used to secure and align frame pieces, ensuring accurate right-angle joints in furniture, cabinets, and other wooden structures.
    • Box Construction: Ideal for assembling wooden boxes and crates, providing stability during glue-up or fastening.
  2. Metal Fabrication:
    • Welding: Essential for holding metal pieces at right angles during welding processes, ensuring proper alignment and minimizing distortion in the finished product.
    • Structural Fabrication: Used in the assembly of metal structures and frames where precision is critical.
  3. DIY Projects:
    • Home Improvement: Useful for DIY enthusiasts working on projects such as building shelves, tables, or any structure requiring accurate right-angle joints.
  4. Machining:
    • Fixturing: Helps in securely holding workpieces at right angles during machining operations, ensuring precision and accuracy in manufacturing processes.
  5. Assembly and Repairs:
    • General Assembly: Aids in the assembly of various projects, ensuring parts are held securely in the correct position for fastening or bonding.
    • Repair Work: Useful for holding pieces together during repair jobs, especially when recreating or reinforcing right-angle joints.
  6. Cabinetmaking:
    • Cabinet Assembly: Facilitates the precise assembly of cabinet components, ensuring the doors, drawers, and other elements align perfectly.
  7. Prototyping:
    • Product Development: Valuable in prototyping and product development, ensuring that early-stage models and designs are accurately assembled.
  8. Picture Framing:
    • Frame Assembly: Assists in the accurate and secure assembly of picture frames, ensuring proper alignment of corners.
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Safety measures and precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Always wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses or goggles, to protect your eyes from any potential debris or splinters.
  2. Inspect the Clamp:
    • Before use, inspect the swing jaw corner clamp for any damage, wear, or defects. Ensure that all parts are in good working condition.
  3. Secure Workpiece Properly:
    • Ensure that the workpiece is securely and properly positioned within the clamp before tightening. Make sure it is centered and aligned to prevent slipping during clamping.
  4. Avoid Over-Tightening:
    • Do not over-tighten the clamp, as it may damage the workpiece or the clamp itself. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the recommended tightening force.
  5. Use Adequate Support:
    • Provide additional support to long or heavy workpieces to prevent sagging or tipping. This helps maintain stability during the clamping process.
  6. Maintain a Clean Workspace:
    • Keep your work area clean and free of clutter to avoid tripping hazards. A tidy workspace contributes to safer working conditions.
  7. Work in a Well-Lit Area:
    • Ensure proper lighting in your workspace to clearly see the workpiece, the clamp, and surrounding tools. This helps prevent errors and accidents.
  8. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions:
    • Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the specific swing jaw corner clamp you are using. This includes recommended usage, maintenance, and any safety precautions provided.
  9. Keep Hands Clear:
    • Keep your hands and body clear of the clamping area to avoid accidental pinching or injuries during the clamping process.
  10. Proper Tool Storage:
    • When not in use, store the swing jaw corner clamp in a designated and secure location to prevent it from falling or causing hazards.
  11. Training and Familiarity:
    • Ensure that individuals using the swing jaw corner clamp are adequately trained and familiar with its proper use and potential risks.
  12. Emergency Procedures:
    • Be familiar with the location of emergency equipment, such as a first aid kit or fire extinguisher, and know the appropriate emergency procedures for your workspace.

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