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A tyre inflating gun, often referred to as a tire inflator or air gun, is a pneumatic tool designed for inflating vehicle tires with compressed air. It typically consists of a trigger-operated nozzle connected to an air hose and is commonly used in automotive maintenance, such as at gas stations, auto repair shops, or by individuals for inflating tires at home. The gun allows precise control over the airflow and pressure, enabling users to inflate tires to the recommended levels specified by the vehicle manufacturer

1. Aluminum alloy body, rubber tube,
Zinc alloy nozzle.
2. Working pressure: 100psi
3. Max pressure: 115psi.
4. Connection of air inlet: G 1/4″


Tyre Inflating Gun Uses

  1. Inflating Vehicle Tires:
    • The primary purpose of a tire inflating gun is to inflate vehicle tires, including those of cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and other modes of transportation.
  2. Automotive Maintenance:
    • Auto repair shops and service stations use tire inflating guns to maintain and adjust tire pressure during routine vehicle maintenance.
  3. Emergency Roadside Assistance:
    • Individuals may carry a tire inflating gun for emergency situations, allowing them to inflate a flat tire temporarily until they can reach a repair facility.
  4. Fleet Maintenance:
    • Companies with fleets of vehicles, such as delivery services or public transportation, use tire inflating guns to regularly check and maintain optimal tire pressure for fuel efficiency and safety.
  5. Off-Road Vehicles:
    • Off-road enthusiasts, such as those who use ATVs, dirt bikes, or off-road trucks, often use tire inflating guns to adjust tire pressure based on the terrain they are navigating.
  6. Sports Equipment:
    • Tire inflating guns can be adapted with appropriate attachments to inflate sports equipment like basketballs, soccer balls, and other inflatable sports gear.
  7. Industrial Applications:
    • In manufacturing or industrial settings, tire inflating guns may be used for applications beyond vehicle tires, such as inflating pneumatic tools or components.
  8. Construction Equipment:
    • Construction sites may use tire inflating guns for maintaining the correct tire pressure on heavy equipment like bulldozers, loaders, and other construction vehicles.
  9. DIY Home Use:
    • Individuals may use tire inflating guns at home for maintaining the tire pressure of their vehicles, bicycles, or even lawn equipment.
  10. Inflating Air Mattresses and Toys:
    • With appropriate attachments, tire inflating guns can be used to inflate air mattresses, inflatable toys, and other items requiring air.
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-115 psi

Safety measures and precautions

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Always wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from debris or accidental releases of air.
  2. Check Equipment Condition:
    • Inspect the tire inflating gun and associated equipment, such as hoses and connectors, for any signs of damage or wear. Ensure that all components are in good condition before use.
  3. Use the Correct Attachment:
    • Ensure that you are using the correct attachment for the intended application. Using the wrong attachment may result in an improper seal, leading to air leaks or other safety hazards.
  4. Check Tire Pressure Recommendations:
    • Before inflating a tire, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the correct tire pressure. Overinflating can lead to tire blowouts, while underinflating can affect vehicle performance and safety.
  5. Secure the Vehicle:
    • Park the vehicle on a flat and stable surface before inflating the tires. Apply the parking brake, and if possible, use wheel chocks to prevent accidental movement.
  6. Release Air Pressure Before Disconnecting:
    • Before disconnecting the tire inflating gun from the tire valve, release the air pressure by pressing the gun’s trigger. This prevents sudden bursts of air and ensures a safer disconnection.
  7. Monitor the Air Pressure:
    • Keep a close eye on the tire pressure gauge while inflating. Stop inflating once the desired pressure is reached, and do not exceed the recommended pressure specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  8. Avoid Overreach:
    • Do not overreach or stretch the air hose when using the tire inflating gun. Keep a safe distance from the tire and equipment to prevent tripping or entanglement.
  9. Bleed Air Before Attachment:
    • Before attaching the tire inflating gun to the tire valve, briefly press the trigger to bleed any residual air in the hose. This minimizes the risk of sudden bursts of air when attaching the gun.
  10. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions:
    • Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the specific tire inflating gun model you are using. This includes information on proper usage, maintenance, and safety precautions.
  11. Proper Storage:
    • When not in use, store the tire inflating gun in a secure and designated location. This helps prevent damage and reduces the risk of accidental activation.

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